Home Staging by A & B

What is Home Staging? It's the art of decorating a home to sell quickly and for top dollar.

It may be as simple as re-arranging furniture, choosing new paint colors, bring in accessories to make your home show as beautiful as it can be. People shop with logic, but they buy with emotion. When your home looks fantastic, they can immediately see themselves living in your space.

FACT: Most buyers can't look past unattractive or disorganized rooms. So if your home isn't showing to it's full potential, you are loosing potential buyers before they even get through the home.

Why can't the homeowner do it on their own? It is very difficult to view your own home on such a detailed level. A trained professional can come in and objectively assess how your home can show at its best. You are emotionally connected to your home and it's contents. A trained Home Stager can make suggestions that might not have even occurred to you.

Why should you spend money on a home that you are going to sell? Home Staging is an investment in getting a higher return and selling your home more quickly. Why would you try and sell your largest investment without first making it look as appealing as possible to potential buyers.

How much does Home Staging cost? Pricing can range from one initial consultation with a do it yourself list to a full service re-do. I have qualified people to help with all aspects of the job.

Before & After Pictures
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